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An Interview with Front-End Developer Stephanie Yang

Our blog series, Meeting Molecula, highlights the incredible engineers who build our innovative products here at Molecula. Want to join the team? Check out our open positions here!

Meeting Molecula: an interview with front-end developer Stephanie Yang

So Steph, tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Stephanie, I have a corgi named Toffee, and I am a front-end engineer at Molecula. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia (not born, but mostly raised), and then came to Austin, Texas, looking for my first job. I looked at the product and was really impressed. It looked like a novel thing, so I really wanted to join the team, and here I am three years later!

I’m on what we call the Cloud/SaaS team, so I’m building the front end for our SaaS product. I work with a bunch of backend engineers who help me interface with FeatureBase, the product Molecula creates.

What do you love most about engineering?

The thing I love about engineering is the ability for us to impact people’s lives. For me personally, I like to improve the user experience of someone, so that’s why I’m a front-end engineer, but in general, I feel like technology allows us to have better ways of doing things. Everyone’s innovating to make past things obsolete and create a better quality of life.

Meeting Molecula interview series featuring Stephanie Yang

What does your team do at Molecula? What makes your team cool?

I think my team is special because we have really interesting hobbies, to be honest. Someone on our team makes video games on the side; we also have another member who is an avid GO player. It makes our team really cool to work with. The Cloud team is pretty introverted, but we do have bouts of fun when we’re picking on people on our calls for whatever reason. Our Cloud team director, Jason, has chickens, and he likes to bring those into our calls.

…not the ACTUAL chickens, but they’ll be sitting outside his window.

What are the best parts of your job? What are some exciting projects you’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on?

The product itself was built from the ground up, so I think that alone is really exciting because I get to see the entire process from start to finish, being able to be a part of the future of Molecula. I think the Cloud offering is what’s going to drive our future.

Meeting Molecula: an interview with front-end developer Stephanie Yang

What do you think is the most interesting thing about FeatureBase technology?

Based on the feedback from customers, the speed of it. The fact that we can query billions of records in a matter of seconds or milliseconds is pretty amazing.

It’s something I’ve never seen before, and it’s actually really exciting because it allows us to do real-time queries. I think everyone knows we have an abundance of data and no way to get to it.

Why should someone join your team? What would they be doing?

They would be helping build the SaaS product, and there are a lot of components to it. You could be helping to scale the product, writing some documentation, and working on the front end as well—basically, anything related to the Cloud. If someone wanted to join the Cloud team, we’d be looking for someone who is curious, motivated, likes to work with people, and shares an overall excitement about technology. Our team collaborates pretty much on a daily basis. We don’t want anyone to go off into a hole!

Molecula front-end developer Stephanie Yang rock climbing

What’s your favorite software package or tool that you’ve ever used, and why? Least favorite?

A favorite software package? This might be a little bit of a copout answer, but one tool I really like is called video speed control, and it really lets you control the speed of anything you’re listening to online or watching, so that lets you go through the content at like 2x speed. So a 30-minute presentation where you’re trying to find information gets condensed to 15, and you save so much time.

Least favorite? *Answers nervously* Anything AWS…that has a front end….because it’s just terrible. Just looking for anything in that tool, it’s so powerful, but they just put no effort into making a better user experience.

What’s a fun fact about you? What’s something about you we can’t Google?

A fun fact about me is I really enjoy coffee. Pretty much anywhere I travel, I’ll look for coffee shops to go to, and if I’m somewhere where I’m unsure about the situation, I will actually bring my entire coffee setup with me. In my free time, I’m a big rock climber. It’s sort of a joke amongst friends where Molecula is my side hustle, and I’m actually just a climber! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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git clone
cd featurebase-examples/docker-example

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d

# TIP: Disable Docker compose v2 if needed by going to settings..general in Docker Desktop.

git clone
cd featurebase-examples/docker-example

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d

# TIP: Disable Docker compose v2 if needed by going to settings..general in Docker Desktop.