Molecula Announces Rebrand to FeatureBase, Additional Funding, and Return to Its Open Source Roots

Molecula unveils a new brand and additional funding to support its return to open source

Austin, TX, September 7, 2022: Molecula, creator of the world’s first real-time database built entirely on bitmaps, has completed an extensive rebranding effort as it renews its efforts around its open source community. At the heart of this rebranding is a change of the company name to FeatureBase – matching the name of its flagship product.

Over the past 18 months, FeatureBase has solidified its mission to leverage bitmaps to build and maintain the fastest, simplest, and most efficient analytical data technologies in existence. The company has spent the last year improving its core product, FeatureBase, while also developing its FeatureBase Cloud product, a hassle-free, no-maintenance SaaS deployment option. Now that FeatureBase Cloud is available to the general public, FeatureBase is taking the 18 months of innovation that have gone into its core, on-premise product, and open sourcing it to the public.

Fueled by a Series A Extension of $10 million, the team at FeatureBase will now have two distinct points of focus:

  • Growing a thriving open source community of developers and engineers who believe in our mission to leverage bitmaps to build fast, simple, and efficient analytical data technologies.
  • Improving the user experience and functionality of FeatureBase Cloud in order to create the world’s best operational, real-time computation layer designed to augment cloud data warehouses and make efficient, real-time data analysis a reality for organizations of all sizes.

“The existing data architectures and solutions that enable real-time analytics are overly complex, require high-cost resources, and still don’t meet the requirements of real-time data access. At FeatureBase we’re betting that online analytical operations will be significantly faster, more efficient, and simpler when using bitmaps than they would be when using traditional columnar formats. This bold assertion drives our innovation,” said H.O. Maycotte, CEO of FeatureBase. “As AI and ML workloads become the norm, data must be AI-ready from the get-go, which means features can be served directly from our operational databases. By enabling this, FeatureBase will help secure the world's information, accelerate innovation across industries, and unlock human potential.”  

The FeatureBase name is rooted in the company’s devotion towards a machine-ready (boolean) data format. At its root, is the basic idea that two values, true and false (0 or 1), and three logical operations (And, Or, and Not) carried our world into the Age of Information, led the digital computing revolution, and now will lead a revolution in data computation and transmission, optimized to leverage the very hardware that preceded it. 

About FeatureBase:

FeatureBase builds technologies that unlock the value of data as soon as it is created. Based in Austin Texas, our team and community consist of database, distributed systems, and cloud engineers, as well as leading researchers on bitmap innovation.

In the last 5 years the FeatureBase team has worked tirelessly to extend the capabilities of bitmaps in order to support a wide variety of real-time analytical workloads, far more efficiently than traditional columnar formats. FeatureBase Community Edition is an open source, locally installable version of the FeatureBase product, while FeatureBase Cloud is a fully managed, SaaS implementation of the product.

Join us on our mission is to leverage bitmaps to build and maintain the fastest, simplest, and most efficient analytical data technologies. For more information, visit and star us on GitHub at

Get Started for Free

Open Source install commands are included below. Requires git and Docker

docker run -p 10101:10101 featurebasedb/featurebase

git clone
cd featurebase-examples/docker-simple
docker network create fbnet
docker compose up