FeatureBase Cloud

All the power of FeatureBase without the hassle of maintenance. Deliver real-time, fresh analytical insights to your users within an easy-to-use platform.


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Launch a database in seconds
Test SQL queries in our UI
Manage team members

Real-Time Updates

INSERT or UPSERT data in real-time
SELECT or aggregate data instantly
Bitmap performance scales to your data

Real-Time Updates

  • Explore our 1 billion record dataset in minutes
  • Bring your data with push-based ingest
  • Optimize FeatureBase performance through in-product guidance

Low-Latency Queries

Sub-second, analytical queries
Parallel query processing
Bitmapped, in-memory storage

About FeatureBase

Blazing-Fast Queries
Simple or complex, FeatureBase knocks it out in milliseconds.
Mutable Format
On-the-fly updates and deletes. Operate instantly on your freshest data without the need for preaggregation.
I/O Efficient
Built on bitmaps, FeatureBase offers up to 5-10X reduction in storage footprint and 90% reduction in hardware footprint.
Horizontally Scalable
A distributed, highly-scalable database built to handle extreme data volumes.

Get Started for Free

Open Source install commands are included below. Requires git and Docker

docker run -p 10101:10101 featurebasedb/featurebase

git clone https://github.com/FeatureBaseDB/featurebase-examples.git
cd featurebase-examples/docker-simple
docker network create fbnet
docker compose up