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Real-Time Data for AI

FeatureBase is an in-memory, analytics and automation engine with SQL support, vector storage, and blazingly fast point-lookups for AI workloads.

About FeatureBase

Our binary tree indexing improves performance & efficiency of analytics and vector queries by reducing I/O operation.
Blazing-Fast Queries
Handles most complex requests in milliseconds.
Mutable Format
Runs in-memory and supports on-the-fly updates and deletes.
Saves Bits
5-10X reduction in memory footprint and 10X reduction in hardware costs.
Horizontally Scalable
Distributed, highly-scalable vector & analytic engine built for extreme workloads.
Secure by Design
SOC 2 Type II compliant, table-level access control, query auditing, and admin auditing.
Easy to Use
Built-in SQL support, REST API endpoints, auto scaling, and decentralized sharding.
“Using FeatureBase, we analyzed activity across 100M monthly logins in real time. Working with this volume of data before would be impossible.”
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Adam Blue
CTO, Q2Ebanking
“FeatureBase gives us the ability to analyze significant volumes of both streaming and batch data with extreme efficiency and a minimal hardware footprint, making it possible to use real-time data to keep operational teams informed.”
IT Technology Infrastructure
North Texas Hospital
“FeatureBase is hands-down a game-changer for our company and clients. The technology behind the blistering performance speeds is unparalleled and couldn't be backed by a better team.”
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Corey Zwart
Head of Engineering, Pumpjack Dataworks
“FeatureBase enables us to analyze large volumes of data in real time, unlocking new insights and products that were not possible before.”
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Matthew Boyda
Vice President, P&R/Power Solutions, Wood Mackenzie

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Deliver end to end "Practical AI" use cases with all of the scale and power of FeatureBase, but without the need to write code, deploy infrastructure, or involve IT.
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