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Did you know that over 98% of the world’s data and content remains beyond the reach of AI, trapped in silos and SaaS platforms? Yes, yes, we know that Snowflake and Databricks have alot of data, but data is a fraction of the world's information. This is why we have introduced Ensemble. We want to see the modern workforce unlock the next level in productivity by helping them unleash the universe of information that needs to become AI-ready.

Ensemble simplifies data-centric AI adoption for the Citizen Data Scientist, providing a low-code platform that delivers real-time data for AI and model-driven decision making. Ensemble offers an extensive library of pre-built models, data connectors, and automations, tailored for ease of use and scalability.

Built on the highly scalable FeatureBase cloud platform, Ensemble eliminates the engineering complexities of managing specialized databases, deploying data pipelines, and managing AI in production.