FeatureBase OEM

Our embeddable version is designed to power your products on your servers, providing the capability to analyze data in real-time on a massive scale without pre-computation.

FeatureBase OEM delivers our hallmark ultra-low latency queries, extreme throughput, and high freshness, ensuring data is accessible to your end users and/or models.

It's engineered to deliver enterprise-grade availability, unmatched efficiency, and a performance profile that is 10 to 100 times better than conventional databases.


FeatureBase's Core Capabilities

Blazing-Fast Queries
Simple or complex, FeatureBase knocks it out in milliseconds.
Mutable Format
On-the-fly updates and deletes. Operate instantly on your freshest data without the need for preaggregation.
I/O Efficient
Built on bitmaps, FeatureBase offers up to 5-10X reduction in storage footprint and 90% reduction in hardware footprint.
Horizontally Scalable
A distributed, highly-scalable database built to handle extreme data volumes.