Company Updates

Announcing Kord Campbell, Our Chief Community Officer

When operating as a PLG (Product Led Growth) company there are a few critical things to keep in mind. First and foremost, never forget that the P in PLG stands for product – your product is the key to adoption and that adoption is the key to sales. Second, it is also easy to think that the community you build around your PLG strategy is just a single Discord group or event or newsletter.  Wrong, it is so much more. Your community is about people, humans: developers, engineers, hobbyists, general enthusiasts, and more. It starts with your core team and ripples out to those that share a burning desire to solve the same problems you are solving.

I call out these two common PLG pitfalls because they are more related than you might think. For your PLG strategy to be successful, it needs to have a community of authors, contributors, users, and customers who passionately iterate and create feedback loops that solve real problems and make your product better. This cycle drives adoption, and adoption, as we discussed, drives commercial success.

I am thrilled today to announce Kord Campbell has joined FeatureBase as our Chief Community Officer to build a global community passionate about real-time computation by sharing the work our tremendous Product and Engineering teams are doing. Kord has built a career on machine centered search and on seeding and scaling some of the world’s most successful communities. Prior to joining FeatureBase he was on the ground floor at Splunk and built out their community, event strategy, and early applications that later formed SplunkBase. From there, he went on to found Loggly, played critical developer marketing roles at RackSpace and Lucidworks, and most recently built the legendary GPT3 web crawler, Mitta.

The work we are doing at FeatureBase is important to the future, but it’s even more important that we build a collective movement that is passionate about solving existential data and AI problems together. I could not be more excited about appointing Kord as our community sherpa and following his leadership as we conquer many mountains of self-imposed limitation.

H.O. Maycotte, CEO of FeatureBase