Company Updates

Serverless is Coming!

Brace yourself: FeatureBase has a game-changing announcement! Get ready to experience the power and convenience of a serverless version of FeatureBase! A preview of serverless is coming to our cloud offering very soon - stay tuned for the official release date. But wait, what exactly is serverless? Well, it's the same low-latency, high throughput database you know and love, but with some impressive improvements:

Separation of storage and compute

Serverless databases will have durable storage that is separated from compute. You can consume and scale each independently based on your use-cases’ needs. Creating a database is nearly identical to before only now you have the ability to add or remove “workers” (compute) at any time.

Zero down time scaling

Serverless databases can have compute scaled up and down at any time without interruption to your services. Your database can increase the number of workers for surges in traffic during peak hours, as well as scale workers down during quiet hours. Your storage will grow with you over time, without any ceilings or need for manual scaling.

Pay only for what you use

Compute and storage are metered independently and you are only charged based on what you use. There’s no point in paying for idle resources, and serverless allows you to take control and optimize your costs.

Scale to 0

Scale your workers all the way down to zero, and we mean actual zero. If there’s no workload for your database, you shouldn’t be paying for it! (You will still pay for storage used of course).

Improved availability

In the event a worker fails, there is no risk of data loss or inability for other workers to read your data. Data is highly available and stored redundantly across multiple locations, in addition to having 11 nines of durability.


You can try a preview of serverless in our cloud offering. There is no plan to bring serverless to our open source community yet.

For more information on or getting access to serverless, please contact FeatureBase Support on Discord or sign up below to receive early access.