Community Edition

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FeatureBase is an analytics engine built for big, big data. While we can chew through typical analytical workloads, it is our belief this technology will be best used by AI-centric "model exhaust" workloads.

We provide analytical storage for training models, logging inferencing in production, and application of ML models to existing analytical pipelines.



Get Started

Install FeatureBase and insert data with a simple CSV-ingester.
Follow a sample project with code and queries to explore data in FeatureBase.
Download via Docker or install the binary.


Follow along with examples and cookbooks that use FeatureBase to accomplish a variety of use cases.
Easy-to-follow projects including building a simple real-time dashboard, analyzing games of SET, and more.
Contribute your own ideas for how FeatureBase can be used as a component in experiments or production.

Get Started for Free

Open Source install commands are included below. Requires git and Docker

docker run -p 10101:10101 featurebasedb/featurebase

git clone
cd featurebase-examples/docker-simple
docker network create fbnet
docker compose up